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Donohue delighted with early intensity

Strength and conditioner Callum Donohue has praised the players for starting their off-season training programme with such high intensity.
When Donohue proposed the possibility of extra training so soon after the end of the season, he didn’t expect the level of interest from the squad.
Donohue revealed the full extent of his programme which has stated with a bang.
“This week has been unreal,” Donohue said.
“The intensity of the players and their willingness to put the graft in is so exciting to see.
“The boys will be in 5-6 days a week for around 10 weeks trying to get better.
“There will be no running for the first month as they’ll be doing some brutal strength and power sessions.
“As soon as I threw the idea out there for an off-season programme, I had message after message from pretty much every player saying they wanted to start as soon as possible.
“I’m almost trying to keep them away from the boss so when we go back in to pre season, he won’t believe the size of some of the boys.”

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