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Pearce not surprised players are back in pre-season training

Coach Gary Pearce isn’t surprised to find his players back in the gym preparing for next season, even though pre-season training doesn’t begin until next month.
Knowing how close they were to winning promotion back to National Two North, the players are hellbent on making sure they have reasons to celebrate.
One of the things Pearce admired most about his players last season was the camaraderie they forged through good times and bad.
And to hear they are back in the gym on their own accord is music to the ears of their coach.
“It’s their choice to be back in the gym, not ours,” Pearce said.
“They are disappointed not to get over the line last season and they want to address that.
“Maybe it wasn’t quite our time, but the boys are determined to make sure next season is our time.
“We are all excited about what lies ahead.
“One of the things that impressed me last season was the camaraderie amongst the players.
“They all live locally and there is a very strong spirit within the squad.
“That should put us in good shape as we all share the same ambition for next season as we look to win promotion.
“We look to have the right formula to push on and it’s great that the boys are already in the gym working towards the new campaign.”

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