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Kay won’t let milestone derail team next season

The players may not appreciate it now, but the hard work they are putting in now will pay dividends next season.
Rupert Kay accepts the hard work is essential if they are to mark the club’s 25th Anniversary with a return to National Two North.
Everything is in place for that to happen, but Kay knows the players can’t let that distract them from winning games on the pitch.
“The foundations of all great teams and seasons are built during the pre-season,” Kay said.
“It is of the utmost importance that the boys start early as we are now building the armour for next year.
“In the back of our minds we know what a big season I next year is for us, with it being our 25th Anniversary.
“As a group we want to play positive rugby and give back to your supporters and sponsors.
“But it’s also important that we don’t focus too much on that for now, and just take it one week and one session at a time.
“Making sure there is an excitement and buzz around each gym session which will allow us to make the most of Cal Dons pre pre-season training which we started last week.
“The key to our success this year will be built on hard work and good discipline, both of which starts now in the gym.
“With no one being late for training or missing sessions and everyone is giving every everything they have in every session.”

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