Chloe’s Farewell Message

There are so many people involved with this club that put their everything into making it the best possible place, so I’d like to mention a few and express my thanks.
To Andy, Bruce, Charlie, Paul and Liz, thanks for making those long bus journeys seem a little less long, thanks for the stories and even the singing!
To Charlie M, thank you for always answering the same question every single game… “did we start on time?”, you might get some peace on the side line now!
To Gary, Martin, Ali, Simon, Cal and Clive, I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some great coaches during my time at the club. Not only have you helped me develop into the physio I am today but we had a laugh along the way!
To Mike and Tony, thank you for bringing a breath of fresh air to the club. I have no doubt that the W’s will come thick and fast next season and selfishly I am a little sad I wont get to celebrate with you all but I will cheer from the side line instead!!
A special mention to Jobbers for being Mr. Dependable, for always saying yes to Laura and I’s silly DIY jobs! No job was too much hassle, and he almost always did it with a smile!
Finally to Laura, this girl is someone I didn’t know I needed but I am really going to miss working along side her. I didn’t know Laura two years ago and now I don’t know what I’d do without her! I know I have left the boys in capable hands!
It has been such a pleasure looking after the players (and sometimes staff!) over the last 5 years, too all the players and staff, past and present, to all the supporters that turn up week in, week out, no matter what the weather, or the results…. THANK YOU!
Thanks for the memories team, I wont be a stranger at Chants Ave but I hope to have a drink in my hand, not the physio bag!!

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