Richard Gore Previews Our Trip To Cinderford

Last week’s highly encouraging performance in the 19-12 loss at home to Sale FC saw some considerable improvements in Hull’s efforts in the set piece and in their kicking game. The lineout worked better then it has done all season with just two line outs lost on Hull’s own throw but two gained from the opposition.

Hull used both off half Reece Dean and centre Steve  Johnson as kickers out of defence and as touch finders from penalties. Both had a marked influence on Hull’s performance. They had a good supply of possession to attack with and could force the opposition back with two good field kickers to make the most of that possession in defence and maximising the distance gained from  penalty awards.

Hull did not look out of place against third placed Sale and were right in the game until the final whistle. Relative newcomers in the backs Jack Edward’s and Dan Evans looked to be growing in stature and Kym Russell was solid once again in the second row.

The more experienced players all stood up to be counted and Hull are clearly capable of taking sides all the way given a fair share of first-phase ball and executing their game plan well.

This week’s lengthy trek to Cinderford sees Rob Watts come in for the unavailable Harvey Harding with Duell Trueman coming in at full back having recovered from the injury he sustained in last week’s match. The rest of the back division which functioned very effectively against Sale and will be looking to build on last week’s tactical successes.

The pack which did so well last week in all phases is retained. If Hull can play as well as they did last week they can make a big impression at Cinderford.

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