Reece Revels In Fly-Half Role

Since the sudden departure of fly-half Joe Carlisle in January, Reece Dean has filled the void left by the former Premiership player. Dean admits he is growing into the role and is glad to be playing in his favourite position. The former Hull FC half-back had a great game as the Chants Ave side were narrowly beaten 19-12 at home by Sale. Dean praised Carlisle for helped him learn more about the role before he left to join Rotherham. Dean also thanked director of rugby Mike Umaga for his advice in being a better fly-half.

“I enjoy playing at number 10, it’s a position I wanted to play,” Dean said.
“I know I still have some learning to do, being new to it, but against Sale I think I proved that I am learning and I have to be a quick learner.
“We’ll keep going and I felt we were unlucky against Sale and we go to Cinderford this weekend.
“All we can do is look forward.
“Coming from rugby league where I played half-back, you’re in control of things.
“I find at full-back you can sometimes be out of the game.
“I’d rather be at the forefront of things, so I do like playing at fly-half.
“I learned a lot from Joe while he was here as he has been around the game a lot.
“Mike is also doing a lot of work with me too, so hopefully we’ll get there.”

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