Russell Set For 2nd Row Start

Hull travel to Leeds Tykes this weekend and having missed a week because of inclement weather, they will be all the more enthusiastic to reverse a very narrow defeat suffered at the hands of Saturdays hosts at Chants Ave.

Hull have had attacking ability all season and it was never more in evidence than in the last quarter away at Rosslyn Park a fortnight ago. That was achieved with several regulars unavailable.

This week, Hull will have new comers Kym Russell, Tomas Bairstow, and Sam Dawson in the side. Russell starts in the second row replacing the injured Liam Regardsoe whilst Dawson comes straight in at hooker. Bairstow played well in the second half at Rosslyn Park is picked as an impact player coming on from the bench.

Absentees from that game, back row man Laurence Cowen-Leak, second rower and co-captain Cam Curry, winger Mike Adlard and prop Charlie Beech. 

Leeds like Hull have found the going tough, but have won three games so they will be looking to ease their own league status concerns with a win. Hull have another chance to kick start their season in a game which is winnable.

As ever first phase possession will be vital, as will the ability to manage a good kicking game and put real pressure on their opponents. If this can be done and allied to Hull’s try scoring talents it could be that we will  see a different result from earlier in the season.

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