On This Week In Our History…

Thanks to Norman Angell’s comprehensive records, we start a new feature for the website which looks at opponents played against five, 10 and 15 years ago this week, along with Hull team details, scorers and results.

2nd December 2017 – Northern Premier Division – Hull 38-5 Kendal
Team: T. Tanumi, C. Lancaster, A. Heard, J. Martin, S. Hihetah, S. Johnson, H. Harding, M. Dias, T. Rice, D. Hardman, P. Hamber, L. Regardsoe, R.Kay, Z. Poole, J. Stafford. Subs: M. Jobling, L. Fitts, O. Dynan.
Tries: S .Hihetah 3, C. Lancaster, O.Dynan; Con: S. Johnson 5; Pen: S. Johnson

8th December 2012 – Stockport 24-49 Hull
Team: J.Wigglesworth, J. Barnard, M. White, L. Radford, S. Slingsby, G. Lound, D. White, A . Longbone, W. Kay, A. Tamanis, C. Murphy, P. Murphy, R. Devonshire, B. Dorrington, A. Campbell. Subs: T. Doughty, A. Piercy, O. Cook.
Tries: J.Wigglesworth 2, A. Campbell, J. Barnard, D. White, R. Devonshire, A. Piercy; Con: G. Lound 7

1st December 2007 – North Division One – Westoe 17-8 Hull
Team: G. Martinson, J. Wilson, M. Wood, C. Paterson, A. Wadforth, C. Gray, M. White, M. Webber, T. Garnett, J. Ward, C. Murphy, D. Cook,  D. Wigg, J. Krebs, R. Mackay; Subs: J. Peek, C. Gray.
Try: J. Wilson; Pen: C.Gray.

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