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Dias said…Because said is Dias backwards

With there being no game this weekend, prop Mike Dias tells us what the squad will be up to as well as reflecting on last week’s win in the wind against Sheffield Tigers. 
Free weekend!
We have actually been given the full week off by Gary to rest the bodies but also the mind. I think the boys will agree with me this season has been enjoyable because every game is a battle with fine margins compared to last season.
The game on the weekend was another good morale boost for everyone and closer to where we want to be and looking up the table not down.
The first half was one of the better attacking displays from us this season and we kept the ball in hand very well.
Fair play to Sheffield Tigers for coming back at us in the second half and actually made it much more of a game than what we would have wanted going into half-time.
The weather didn’t help the game but wasn’t anywhere near as bad as a lot expected and especially looking around the leagues seeing how many games were postponed.
I think it says a lot for our pitch and Touchy the Groundsman who spends endless amount of time preparing and making sure it’s playable.
We have been given the week off knowing that the job isn’t done yet and we need to back up our performances and keep improving on our attack.
In terms of what people will do with the time off. We will most likely meet up have some food and talk rubbish.
Us rugby players like routine and especially a good moan about anything and everything to each other.
I think for the weekend most will meet up and have a beer or two watching the Six Nations matches.
Remember, rugby is always the winner!!!

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