1st Team, Home

Why playing at the Boulevard means so much to Steve

Steve Johnson started out playing the 13-man code before switching to union and we are very glad he did. The fly-half/centre is the latest player to fill out our fun questionnaire.

Why have you re-signed for Hull RUFC?
It was an easy decision to re-sign with the club because they are a bloody good group of men.

How old were you when you started playing rugby?
I was six-years-old when I began playing rugby. But it wasn’t rugby union, it was rugby leeeeeeague!

What was your first rugby memory?
My first rugby memory was playing at the Boulevard at half-time.

Who was your role model and why?
Staying with the rugby league theme, Hull FC’s Richard Horne is my role model because he is a legend.

What do you eat before a big match?
I always try to eat a chicken pasta dish of some sort.

What’s been your career highlight so far?
It’s a tough one between taking the field with Phil Hall and getting promotion.

Best and worst banter at Hull RUFC?
Cam Curry has the best banter at the club. I have to say Dom Hardman has the worst banter.

Who’s the best dressed person at the club?

What three dinner guests would you invite to your house?
The Rock, Kevin Hart and Chris Hemsworth.

What is your favourite cheat meal and drink?
It’s always pizza and Dr Pepper.



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