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Pearce demands more defensive defiance

Coach Gary Pearce has asked his players to maintain their defensive efforts at Pocklington this afternoon.
Against Rossendale in their season opener, Hull conceded just one try in 80 minutes of rugby.
Rossendale, of course, finished above Hull last season to take part in the play-offs but Pearse’s side showed great resilience to restrict Rossendale to one try.
Pearce hopes the same can happen against a Pocklington side that are looking to score their first try of the season.
“The fitness was one of the reasons why we conceded only one try,” Pearce said.
“The players showed desire and they had the power in them to defend their line.
“The new players we’ve added have made us stronger in the right positions.
“We felt young and inexperienced last season and this year there is more competition for places.
“I’m very pleased as we dominated last week’s game barring a spell in the second half.
“We could have scored another 21 points and I don’t think anyone would have grumbled.
“We looked dangerous and we could have scored four more tries.
“Mike and Callum looked exciting and added a lot of pace to our game.
“I’m excited about what we can produce going forward.”
Going forward is down to the pack doing their job.
Hull did their job brilliantly and Pearce hopes they can build on the platform laid last weekend against their close neighbours Pocklington.
“It’s their first game and it’s a local derby,” Pearce said.
“Hopefully we can be a bit more accurate and finish off a few plays better.
“Our forwards were tremendous and Rossendale were a big unit.
“Ben and Mike added a lot in the front three and Paul was outstanding.
“But we’re not getting carried away, it was only a good start.
“We were decisive and we were better in all departments and we are fit and strong and we can play to the death.
“Rossendale started to fall away a bit and what we did in pre-season really came through for us.”

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