On This Week In Our History

Thanks to Norman Angell’s comprehensive records, we continue to take a trip down memory lane. We look at matches played this week, five, ten and 15 years ago with team sheets, scorers and results.  Check to see if you feature in this week’s trip down memory lane.

21st April 2018 – NPL – Rossendale 28-Hull 39
Team: L. Birch, M. Adlard, A. Heard, J. Martin, S. Hihetah, S. Johnson, H . Harding, M. Dias, M. Jobling, B. Boothman, C. Curry, L. Regardsoe, R. Kay,  Z. Poole, J. Stafford. Subs: T. Rice, T. Tunami, P. Hamber.
Tries: L. Birch, S. Hihetah, M. Jobling, L. Regardsoe, T. Tanumi. Con: S.Johnson 4. Pen: S. Johnson 2

This result ensured our second place in the League table and a play-off game with the South Premier League  runners-up side Peterborough Lions. Our superior playing record gave us the home fixture.

20th April 2013 – NRN – Sheffield Tigers 15-32 Hull
Team: G. Lound, A. Piercy, J. Hewitt, B. Thoy, J. Wigglesworth, J. Cameron,  D. White, A. Longbone, A. Johnson, K. Fullman,  A,. Knight, P. Murphy, J. Williams, A. Maka, O. Cook. Subs: ­ W. Kay, L. Brown, J. Clark, A. Tamanis, C. Lound.
Tries: J. Wigglesworth 3, J. Williams. Con: G. Lound 3. Pen: G Lound 2

19th April 2008 – North Division One – Hull 27-25 Westoe
Team: G. Martinson, J. Wilson, T. Vaikona, S. Newton, A. Wadforth, M. Wood, M. White, J. Ward, J. Krebs, C. May, C. Murphy, D. Wigg, R. Mackay, A. Lockton, J. Peek. Subs: A. Piercy, M. Kirkwood.
Tries: G. Martinson, A. Wadforth, J. Peek, A. Piercy. Con: G. Martinson 2. Pen: G. Martinson

This fixture was the very last game Hull RUFC played at Haworth Park, ending a 16-year tenure. By a strange coincidence the very first game played at the Ferens Ground on 20th September 2008 was also against Westoe. This time the score was very different with Hull winning by 63-8 after leading by just 14-8 at half-time.

Norman  Angell.

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