Duell: Long Trips Can Galvanise The Squad

As Hull RUFC prepare for another long away day trip, full-back Duell Trueman hopes the team can use the journey to help iron out some of the issues that need addressing. Taunton’s Veritas Park is 267 miles from Chants Ave and Trueman knows at this stage of the season, long road trips can be useful to discuss things with team-mates and coaches.

“Long trips like this can be good,” Trueman said.
“They can galvanise the squad at this stage of the season.
“We’ve not had a win yet, and these are the times when we need to stick together. 
“We’re not starting games the way we finish games. 
“We have to start games better. 
“We cannot afford to be chasing games from the first minute like we have been.”

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