Mike: I’m Delighted To Join Elite Club

Winger Mike Adlard became the club’s 35th member of the Centurion Club, when he made his 100th appearance in the 24-19 home loss in the first game after the Christmas break. Adlard scored the third of three tries in quick succession that threatened a comeback win. However, time was against the Chants Ave side, who looked the most likely winners, had the game continued for another five minutes.

After signing from Hull FC, Mike made his Hull debut on September 2nd 2017 at the Ferens Ground when he made a try-scoring debut in a 31-13 win over Rossendale in a Northern Premier League fixture. Since then he has increased his try-scoring total to 87, many of them, long-distance and spectacular efforts. Adlard has been an integral part of the club’s rise up the leagues and he is proud to have helped play a part.

“I’m very appreciative of my 100th cap for Hull, and become part of that elite club,” Adlard said.
“I’ve been through all the leagues with the team, starting off in National 3 and I’ve been a part of the development each year.
“Every league has been an opportunity for us to express ourselves on the pitch and to finally reach our goals of getting into National 1.
“To do this all the way through the leagues has been special.
“And to do it with my best mates by my side all the way through, has been great.
“I look forward to the future of Hull.”

Everyone at Hull RUFC congratulates Mike on his achievements in the hope that he will continue to improve on both his appearance and try-scoring totals.

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