Mike: We Need To Improve Our Set Pieces

Hull RUFC travel to Cambridge this weekend in the first of three rearranged games. This fixture was postponed prior to Christmas due to the bad weather as was next week’s rearranged trip to Darlington Mowden Park. Last time out, Hull were beaten 36-12 at Leeds Tykes, when their lineouts were not as effective as they should have been. Director of rugby Mike Umaga knows his side won’t win many games, if any at this level, if they can’t secure possession from their own set pieces. While it would be easy to go back to basics right now, Umaga doesn’t want to steer away from his goals for the team.

“We have one eye on the development of the players, and while we want to go back to basics, we also want the players to express themselves and play what’s in front of them.
“The loss at Leeds was hard to take, but we were second best.
“If we can’t control our set pieces, we won’t win many games.
“The Leeds game last weekend, was the toughest of the three we have played since the break.
“Their league position belies the way they play and their skillset was an eyeopener.
“We had no answer to the way they started the game and missing two of our best lineout jumpers meant we were not firing on all cylinders.”
“The cold snap has done us no favours and we are stretched this weekend, which was originally a free weekend.
“We also have a couple of injuries which we have to deal with.”

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