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Dias Said -Because said is Dias backwards

What a strange time to be alive… the world is currently at sixes and sevens nevertheless we go on!
With there being no rugby this week I’ll let you know what other hobbies the boys enjoy.
We have a few who like a bet and enjoy the football.
Liam Regardsoe is an Arsenal fan, Lee Birch loves West Ham, I’m a Man United fan, Simon is a sporadic Tottenham fan, Jobbers has Hull deep in his heart but to be honest he’s just an avid sports fan.
With our golf day coming up in June, we have a few wannabe Rory McIlroys.
Cam fancies it a bit, as does Lee Birch and Steve Johnson. Rumours have been going around that Tanumi has a decent swing.
I think it would be a good idea with the Hull RUFC Golf Day coming up on June 5 at Brough Golf Club, we should get some challengers to take on the best players. Stay safe out there folks.
Remember wash your hands!

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