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Rice reaches century in half-century win

Captain Tom Rice became the latest player to join the 100 club when he featured in the 50-3 win at Birkenhead.
Rice is the 27th member of the club to reach the milestone and admits it’s an honour to become the latest centurion.
“It’s a real honour to represent the club for so long,” Rice said.
“From moving across the city I’ve fallen back in love with the game.
“So I owe everything to the club and the players.
“To win the game in a superb second half display was great.
“It shows how we can really take sides to the cleaners once we’re in control.
“As for this weekend, Kendal are alway a tough workman like side who always seem to raise their game when they come across this side of the country.
“For us, we’ll go about our normal business.
“We’ve still got aspects of the game to improve but they are becoming fewer the more we play.”

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