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Will: Saturday’s Loss Was A Tough One

Leading 19-0 as the first half was drawing to a close, everything looked good for Hull RUFC in their home opener at Ferens Ground. It was their first ever home game in National 1 and Darlington Mowden Park were on the ropes. But a momentary loss of concentration allowed the visitors to reduce the arrears at half-time to 19-5. With it, the momentum was handed to Darlington who scored four more tries in the second half while a last second penalty earned the home side their first bonus point of the season. Will Hall admits it was a tough loss after being in control on the scoreboard for as long as they were.

“Saturday was tough one to take as we weren’t far off I didn’t think,” Hall said.
“If we can improve in certain areas and discipline, we can have a real go this season.
“The first two games have been a good lesson for us all.
“We’ll grow and get better as we keep building.
“There is an obvious step up in the level from last season.
“Every game is going to be hard fought battle.
“But that’s what we want and that’s how we’re going to get better.”

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