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Hull Brush Off Cobwebs At Pocklington

An entertaining pre season practice match saw both sides looking to give their players a reintroduction to game conditions that can never be captured in training sessions. Pocklington were keen to make their mark and competed in all areas, but found Hull’s scrummage and pace in the back division difficult to handle.

Hull scored six tries all of which were converted by Reece Dean who played at full back. The tries had a familiar look about them with Mike Adlard’s pace on the wing, seeing him score one long range try and another created by Dean’s deft chip into space near the Pocklington line.

Keane Naylor’s dramatic interception on his own line, saw him outpace the opposition for a great try. Dean added a try dummying his way past bemused defenders. Steve Johnson burst over running into space from 10 yards out, whilst Loma Kivalu was unstoppable when driving over from close range.

There was much to appreciate in this performance so early in pre season, but with some new faces trying out their skills, and some players not able to attend, it was understandably slightly off key at times.

The lineout will be an area that players and coaches will be working on as the timing involved takes time to evolve with different players throwing in and new line out calls being tried out.

Nevertheless it was a good work out for Hull with Pocklington providing good physical opposition and asking some questions of Hull’s defense which held firm.

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