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Cal: We’ll Adjust Our Training During This Heatwave

As we all try to cope with record temperatures this week, spare a thought for the players. Training in a heatwave is never ideal, but conditioner Cal Donohoe will adjust his training methods accordingly. Donohoe accepts the welfare of players is of paramount importance, and in these hot conditions, he knows how far he can push the players.

“A warmer pre-season means we are having to be smarter with how hard we push and when,” Donohoe said.
“Experience allows you to judge where the players are.
“And if they’re struggling and you make adjustments on the fly sometimes.
“Feedback so far has been positive and we will look to manage the conditions as best we can.
“Fluid and salt intake being the trend through this heatwave. 
“This pre-season probably isn’t different to any other.
“Apart from we are very aware of what is ahead of us – faster, fitter, better prepared opponents than we have been used to, every week. 
“We haven’t spent much time talking about other teams.
“We like to focus in house, improving core skills and our conditioning are the main focus at the moment.”

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