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Ali T: We’ll Carry Last Season’s Form Into New Season

When a newly promoted team starts a new season, it’s assumed they will struggle because they aren’t used to playing at that level. But for Hull RUFC forward Ali Thompson, he sees things differently. Thompson believes the form the team showed last season, especially from the break for Christmas onwards, will make their new opponents in National League 1 sit up and take notice.

“There’s naturally a big emphasis on pre season, we know we’re going to have to be better than we were last year to compete in National 1,” Thompson said.
“With that being said, we are heading into the National 1 season as the most in-form team having done so well this season.
“I think teams will fear us.
“Post Christmas last year, both our pack and our backs were the best in the league by a fair distance.
“I’m excited to see how the season starts and how our boys perform.
“We’re going to be more physical than we were last year and play to our strengths!” 

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