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Gary: Pre-Season Will Be More Intense Than Before

This is the second week of pre-season training for the players and director of rugby Gary Pearce is keen to get the tone right, from the start. Last week, the players returned to training with a couple of gentle sessions with the intensity being raised week after week to get them ready for the start of their first ever season in National One.

“We have to go steady at the beginning of pre-season, because a lot of the lads played for Yorkshire for three weeks after the season ended,” Pearce said.
“So they haven’t had a lot of time off. I think we had 11 players with Yorkshire.
“Training will be stepped up from week to week, that’s the plan.
“We have to bring more intensity to training because everything has to be that 10 per cent better to give us an opportunity next season.
“We know it’s going to be a really competitive league and every team will look at us possibly being the whipping boys in the league because we are a promoted side. 
“We have to make sure we get our attitude right and our preparation spot on.
“We’re trying to get the players to do everything that little bit quicker and not panic.
“That’s the level we are playing at.
“We have to think a bit quicker, move a bit quicker, carry a bit quicker, hit a bit harder and our line speed has to be quicker.
“All those things are what we are trying to bring to the players.”

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