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Will: I Can’t Wait To Challenge Myself In National League 1

When Reece Dean scored an 80th minute try to seal a thrilling 31-29 win, one of the biggest cheers came from number 8 Will Hall. Hall has been immense this season in the pack to help make this promotion possible. Hall, who was named in the season’s is ready for next season’s challenge which he knows will be tough. But he also knows that playing in the National League 1 will make him a better player.

“I can’t wait for next season to play in National League 1,” Hall said.
“We’ve mentioned it the last few weeks when promotion looked a possibility.
“The players have been so focused to get across the line and make it to National League 1.
“We want to challenge ourselves, that’s why we play the game.
“We want to play the best standard possible. 
“Next season everyone will be raring to go. Let’s go for it.
“Playing against better players will make us better players.
“We’ve had a lot of tough games this season, including the derby, but next season, it’s going to be tough every game we play.”

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