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Steve: Reaching 100 Would Have Meant Nothing Without The Win

There can’t be too many better ways of bring up 100 games for your club. For Steve Johnson, reaching the century milestone was perfect in every way with the sun beating down on Chants Ave as Hull RUFC beat nearest rivals Sedgley Park 24-19. The only thing missing was a try from the latest member of the Centurion’s Club. But as far as the centre was concerned, reaching triple figures wold have counted for nothing had the team lost to Sedgley Park.

“Reaching 100 games would have meant nothing if we’d let Sedgley Park get the win,” Steve said.
“We don’t want to come this far and mess it up at the end.
“It’s always good to get the win, that’s the only thing that matters. 
“They were tough. It was physical and they play a similar style to us.
“The main difference was our dominance at the scrum.
“We won’t be taking our foot off the pedal in the remaining games. 
“Every game from now on is a big one. 
“Anyone can beat anyone on the day in this league so we have to make sure we turn up with the right attitude.
“I was caught by surprise a bit to have to say a few words. 
“We have come a long way as a group of players.
“There are other players who have played over 100 times for this club and others who are closing in on that total. 
“We’re just a good group of mates and we’ve added players over the years that have bought into the club. 
“It’s been a consistent squad of players for a few years now. We’re like a family.”

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