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Ali T: Rotherham Win Will Serve Us Well

This weekend, Hull RUFC can take another major step closer to their dream of winning National 2 North. Standing in their way is Sedgley Park, who have their sights on winning the league themselves and a win for the visitors to Chants Ave will see Hull’s lead at the top of the table reduced to two points, or even one if they can claim a bonus point. Ali Thompson feels this game is very similar to when Rotherham made the trip to east Yorkshire a couple of weeks ago and the experience of coming through that clash with the win should hold Hull in good stead this weekend.

“Playing Rotherham was a huge game for us,” Thompson said.
“We’re unbeaten at home for over a year now and we knew that would be a huge challenge.
“Sedgley will offer that same challenge this week, another top against second battle and effectively it can be considered a 10-point game!
“Our set piece has been dominant all year and that needs to be on top form this weekend.
“Our backs have been unstoppable since the turn of Christmas and again they know they will have to play that perfect game this weekend to ensure we maintain that distance between top and second. 
“The confidence around the team at the moment is something we haven’t seen before.
“We never take anything for granted, we know each game will be tough, especially as we’re seen as the team to beat.
“That being said, the confidence we have in each other to do your job, to make that effective carry, make that tackle, make that scramble defence is second to none.
“One thing I can say, I am immensely proud of this season, we could be 50 points up, but our will and desire to not concede is next level and we will chase back in the 79th minute to make that tackle.”

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