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Gary: We Embrace Being The Team Everyone Wants To Beat

Being top of the table comes with it’s advantages. It means the team is winning and there is a feelgood factor around the club. But it also comes with a disadvantage. Teams want to knock off the league leaders and that is something Hull RUFC are dealing with as they prepare to face Bournville on Saturday at Chants Ave. Director of Rugby Gary Pearce says having a target on their back is something they are embracing.

“We are where we are because we work so hard,” Pearce said.
“Sides have to stay with us and there’s not many at the moment who can do that.
“It’s a nice place to be but we know we are playing with a target on our back.
“Everybody raises their game as we would and we have to expect that.
“We embrace it and look forward to that and it pushes us to be better.
“We have to work a bit harder now to stay where we are and the players do. Winning is better than losing. 
“We are just worrying about Bournville this week. We can only control ourselves and we prepare to go out to win each game.
“That’s what we’ll do this week. Bournville were going great guns earlier in the season and then they fell in a hole.
“They have had a few funny results and some poor results. We’re at home, where we’re unbeaten for a long time.
“We have to be confident and they have to be a good side to beat us. We’re aggressive and our pack is dominant.
“We’ll give them all the respect they deserve. They like to throw the ball around and hopefully it won’t be as windy.”

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