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Gary: Ionians Derby Is Big For The Sport In The Community

Rugby fans have had to wait seven years for the latest chapter in the rivalry between Hull RUFC and Ionians. Needless to say both clubs are looking forward to this fixture ever since the fixtures were published in the off-season. Ionians have the privilege of hosts the first one of this season tomorrow and Hull RUFC’s director of rugby Gary Pearce is delighted to have the fixture back.

“It’s big for the club, it’s big for the players and it’s big for the sport in the area,” Pearce said.
“You either love them or hate them. Players love them, coaches hate them because you’re helpless.
“Players can do something to go out there and do something. As a coach, you plan your team for the way to play and then it’s down to the players.
“It’s a perfectly timed game with people finishing work for Christmas and I’m sure it will be a sell out crowd.
“The fact we won last week just keeps us rolling on and it will be a hard game and there might not be much in it.
“It’ll come down to who keeps their nerves and discipline on the day. 
“If I’s beat us, then they’ll have to earn the right to beat us.
“They are a good side that has been together for a while. The home side always start as favourites.
“But it doesn’t bother me who starts as favourites. All that matters is who wins the game.”

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