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MJ: I’ve Witnessed A Changing Of The Guard In My 150 Games For Hull

Playing 150 times for any team is quite an achievement. To do it for your hometown team makes the milestone even more impressive. Mike Jobling is the latest player to reach the 150 mark when Hull beat Tynedale a couple of weeks ago. Looking back on his time at the club, the front rower admits he has seen the good and the bad in recent years.

“I am very proud to have played 150 games for my home town club,”Jobling said.
“It’s show longevity and there are five or six of us who have played 100 times or more for the club.
“It’s a great environment to be in and I’ve got a few more to catch up with the skipper Ali Heard because I’m sure we’ll get his 200th some time this year.
“And hopefully one of us can overtake Gary Martinson and get the big 300 up. It’s a great achievement.
“It’s been very much a changing of the guard since my debut.
“A lot of old players left and it’s like watching the club rebuild.
“It’s like any club, you have your senior players who will stay for 10 years or so.
“I came in at the back end of a lot of players leaving.
“I’m one of the few that have seen a relegation and a promotion with the club.”

Current Centurians:

  • 177 Ali Heard
  • 153 Tomasi Tunami
  • 151 Mike Jobling
  • 118 Harvey Harding
  • 100 Liam Regardsoe

Jobling admits the players recruited in the last few seasons, have all bought into the fabric of the club and that is reflected with the positive results on the pitch that has seen the team climb to third in National 2 North.

“We now have a lot of local players that want to play for the team,” Jobling.
“And people who come here have to buy into the ethos that we have.
“They have done that massively. It’s like a family and I know that is often a cliche, but it’s true here.
“You can see on the sidelines when every player comes off the pitch, they have somebody there to speak to.
“People are not coming here just to watch strangers.
“It builds a great atmosphere around the ground.”

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