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Will: We’re Playing Better Than We Did Before Lockdown

It’s hard picking up momentum after an 18-month break for Covid, but Hull have been one of the teams to do just that. Three wins from four and a narrow defeat in the last seconds at Stourbridge has put Hull in a good position for the remainder of the season. Will Hall, a try scorer in the 31-10 win over Chester last Saturday, believes the team might be better than they were before the pandemic struck.

“We’re getting there, aren’t we?” Hall said.
“If we can continue to build on what we are doing at the minute, we’ll be in for a good season. We’re looking strong.
“I think we might be better than we were just before lockdown happened.
“We’ve always been a tight group, but after Covid, I think we are even tighter.
“We want the best for each other and hopefully that will tell come the end of the season.
“As anyone can see, our defence is unbelievable and teams have found it hard to get through us. Our attacks are building well so it bodes well.¬†
“To get my first try of the season was nice so no naked lap for me at the end of the season.
“It’s very satisfying that the forwards accounted for four of the five tries we scored.
“We’re very strong and we are only going to get better.
“Fingers crossed we can make it a happy trip to Tynedale and enjoy our trip to the north east.”

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