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Gary: We Won’t Underestimate Chester

After beating Sheffield Tigers 29-0 last weekend, director of rugby Gary Pearce admits he and his players will not be taking anything for granted at home to Chester. The lockdown came at a bad time for Hull RUFC who were putting together a number of solid performances and Pearce believes his side are close to those levels this season. If he could change one thing, however, it would be for his players to have more of the ball.

“Prior to lockdown, I think we were the best defensive team in the league in terms of points against,” Pearce said.
“It’s all down to the players and they seem to love defending.
“I keep asking them to get 50 per cent of the ball and we would be a different team.
“It seems we’re happy to give the opposition 70 per cent of the ball and we defend with 30 per cent.
“To their credit, they astound me. They just keep going and they scramble really well.
“That’s a sign of a good team. Sheffield Tigers are a very good side and not many teams will nil them this season.”
“Chester will be a hard team to beat at Chants Ave.
“Our win last week will have lifted our confidence levels up a bit more and make us realise that if we work really hard and pressurise teams, teams won’t be able to cope with us.
“We won’t underestimate Chester, but at home, we have to be confident.
“The fixtures to start the season haven’t been too bad for us having three at home in the first four and two on the trot gives us a chance to get points on the board.”

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