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Players put through their paces after lengthy lay-off

For those Hull RUFC players thinking they would be eased back into training after lockdowns, they were made to think agin.
Training has been intense, perhaps more intense than ever before as the club hopes to hit the ground running when the season starts in a few weeks time.
Ali Thompson explains how tough the training has been but admits, through the testing times, it’s just good to be back with the players.
“Pre-season is incredibly tough at the moment, the boys are working hard on our fitness courtesy of Cal Don,”Thompson said.
“To be back with the boys 3 days a week is great, to have a goal in sight of playing rugby again has given everyone that extra gear and we’re really going after it this pre-season.
“Having the sessions divided between fitness/attack/defence means the transitions are quick, we’re having to work tired and thus stay mentally switched on and strong throughout all sessions.
“The boys skill level is certainly back to where it needs to be and in that sense, it doesn’t feel like we’ve been away from playing rugby for 16 months.
“There’s a real buzz in the air about getting into the season, getting the contact back and working together as a team, there is a tremendous amount of heart in our time.
“I think the thing most missed by myself and the rest of the boys has been each other, being back together as a team has been the best feeling and I’m excited to see what we can achieve this season!”

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