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Favourite moment of the season: Liam Regardsoe

In the latest of our ‘Favourite moments’ series, forward Liam Regardsoe shares his with us which involves our pre-season trip to Wales.

“There have been a number of ups and downs this season.
“But one of my favourite moments has to be the pre-season trip down to Cardiff.
“It’s the second time we have been there and it always lives up to expectations.
“England may have lost their World Cup warm-up game against Wales, but we won ours – and then it was time for the beers!!
“The boys in dodgy shirts being let loose on Cardiff!
“It’s a real good opportunity for the new guys to settle in with the lads and there is always a story or two!
“Plus, this year on the way back home, a lot of the boys got acquainted with a bottle of Latu’s special “Vodka”, which definitely spiced the journey up a bit!

Liam Regardsoe
Liam Regardsoe with his sister Amber

“A personal reason for it being my favourite moment of the season, is that it gave me a chance to see my sister Amber, who has taken up residence over there.
“She got to watch me play and was made to feel like one of the boys on the night out too!”

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