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Favourite moment of the season: Ali Heard

As we wait for the rugby season to resume following the outburst of the Coronavirus, we thought, we’d lighten the mood by asking the players for their favourite moment of the season so far.
it could be anything from something that happened during a game, in training, on the way to a game or on the social side of the game we love.
To get the ball rolling, we have asked Ali Heard for his favourite moment of the 2019/20 season.

My favourite moment of the year so far has to be the trip to Luctonians last month. From travelling down on the Friday night, having a pre-game feed with the boys, to that final whistle going. Overall the trip was unreal. It wouldn’t have been as much of a highlight if we hadn’t have got the result we wanted.
There have been many other moments like the pre-season trip to Cardiff, beating Fylde on the road and Rob Watts dog sitting.
But Luctonians is a hard place to go and come away with a win in addition to putting in a overall good performance so that weekend as a whole stands out for me as the best memory this season.

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