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Pearce proud of players after another close loss to Sedgley Park

A late penalty cost Hull RUFC a chance of beating Sedgley Park in a low scoring game on Saturday.
Hull were dominating the scrum late in the game and after winning a succession of penalties, they were set to capitalise.
However, the referee awarded the home side a penalty which let the home side off the hook and they ended up winning 13-10.
It was the second time Hull lost to Sedgley Park by that margin this season and director of rugby Gary Pearce was pleased with his side’s performance, even if the result eluded them.

“We had a lot of decisions go against us on Saturday,” Pearce said.
“We were by far the better team and Sedgley Park said so afterwards.
“By half-time we should have been ahead by 12 points at least.
“Four or five times we got in their ’22’ but the referee let them away with a lot of things.
“The try they scored had a hint of crossing about it and at the end of the game we won six or seven penalties in the scrum and in the end we got penalised which seemed a bit strange.
“We went away from there feeling we were robbed.
“But overall we were very pleased with the way we played and we showed we can compete in this league, home and away.
“That says a lot about this group and how far they have come.”

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