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Dias Said – because said backwards is Dias

Ahead of a gruelling trip to Herefordshire, Mike Dias takes us onto the team coach and shares what happens on the bus on the way to away games. 
Away days!!!!

Since I’ve been with Hull, away days have always been pretty good for us. We seem to perform well away from home and actually look forward to it now.
I think the boys enjoy each other’s company and the banter is usually high from some like myself and not so high from others (Mongo).
The bus is an interesting one, everyone has a role to play. We have Cal Don at the front talking to no one ideally for him unless it’s a grunt or two with the driver.
As you go back the bus, you then have a couple ‘helpers’ who come with us for the support/free meal.
You then have the two tables filled with the committee members that usually contains a couple of bottles of red each to be washed down with a few JD’s or G&T cans.
The committee seem to drink and eat a lot of crisps while talking on the way down. It’s all very civilised. On the way back things change and Gary usually spends his time controlling them and making sure they all get home in one piece!

You than get to the middle of the bus where you have physio Chloe watching her iPad. Then Simon and TO’D keep themselves to themselves with a movie or having a sleep.
Loma is usually asleep on the floor then squeezing behind a set of seats on the floor.
You then have another set of tables where you have the middle to young sit usually playing cards, or playing COD on their phones.
Steve Johnson is usually sat on one of these tables trying to listen and get involved in as many conversations as possible as he hates nothing more than to miss out on something.
Cam is usually picking on Will Hall or Mongo with his witty banter and then you have Tommy Lee telling someone how good he was at rugby league.
I usually sit around this area and bring some decorum to the group. Behind that you have Ali Heard or ‘Dju Dju’ which he likes to be known as. He very much chills out listens to his music and maybe will chip in to conversations on occasions.
Back seat you have that man Tanumi far left as you walk down the bus. T usually has music on a little speaker and keeping moraleeeeeeee high! Jobbers is centre putting a few bets on and again keeping some sort of decorum. Then the 100-cap man Lee Birch is far right keeping himself to himself.
All being way, the trip to Luctonians should be a good one and hopefully the return journey is a celebratory one. With regards to Luctonians, yes it’s a far trip but we are going down on tonight as it’s a great excuse to get some time as a team together and make a weekend of it. The game we know is going to be very tough and physical which we are looking forward to. Up front we need to be strong and concentrate on ourselves by trusting our processes and each other!
Remember rugby is the winner!!!

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