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Dias said…because said backwards is Dias

After coming from behind to beat Chester 27-16, Mike Dias takes us behind the scenes with a light-hearted look at how the team prepares for matches each week:
The drinks always taste better after a hard fought win. I thought our back row were brilliant around the park in particular Ali Thompson who slotted in at 7 for most of the game.
I wanted to give you a bit more of an insight into the squad this week. Behind the scenes on game day we usually have Gary tidying the changing rooms so they are in a good way for everyone to get ready and feel comfortable pre game.
You then have a few in the physio room not actually getting physio but more so eating the Haribo that Chloe brings in (Liam Regardsoe mainly). Steve Johnson or T Tanumi organise the music pre game which will then spark a few dance moves from T himself.
You then have Tom O’Donnell strapping every part of his body and Latu doing Yoga in the corner to get the oils flowing around his old joints.
We then have a team meeting usually on the pitch and from that point onwards people start to get into their own routine to get themselves ready for the game, that can be from the kickers getting out early to practice to boys getting massages to help warm the muscles up.
Some others are generally very relaxed and like to joke about (Jobbers). Once we are all outside at the warm starts then it’s all serious and preparing physically for the game. Just before kick off Gary gives his gladiator moment speech and then a few finally words from Ali and away we go.
In terms of this week it’s another exciting one to look forward to. Caldy are top of the league for a reason so we will respect that but we want to go there and challenge them.
Always remember positive thoughts create positive things.

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