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Discipline costs Hull at Hinckley

Hull lost a tight game and could point to two yellow cards as a major feature in this fixture for the reason why they came away from Hinckley on the wrong end of a 19-8 score.
Firstly number eight Latu Makaafi was carded after just five minutes and Hinckley scored a converted try during the sin-bin period.
And in the second half, Hull’s Tom O’Donnell received a yellow card after 60 minutes with the home side scoring a try during his absence.
Hull had their moments and a penalty by off-half Simon Humberstone in the tenth minute kept them in the game in the first half until Hinckley’s second converted try after 35 minutes saw the visitors trail 14-3 at the interval.
A heavy pitch meant that the game became attritional in the second period rather than a free-flowing contest and Hinckley were able to use their big pack to apply pressure.
Hull withstood almost everything that Hinckley could throw at them but when the home side scored a late try in the second half there was no way back for Hull.
Although a late unconverted try from O’Donnell after 80 minutes was no less than their efforts deserved.

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