1st Team, Home

Dias said…

In the first of a new weekly column, we ask prop Mike Dias for his thoughts on how things are at the club. Here is the first Dias Said (because Dias backwards is Said).

“For the second week running, it was great to start the game well.
“We had good momentum for the first 25 minutes where we put points on the board.
“We have to give credit to Tyndale who then came at us and finished the first half the better side.
“We started the second half really well again and got better from there.
“Simon (Humberstone) kept us in the right areas and made it really hard for Tynedale.
“We sorted out our penalty count and started to squeeze them which ultimately lead to the win.
“It’s such a good way to go into Christmas with a decent run behind us now but importantly get things right which we weren’t.
“I also think our replacements coming on have made a real difference in the last few weeks.
“There is a good feeling throughout the squad which is what winning does.
“Have a great Christmas all and see you on January 4 for the big game at home to Stourbridge.”

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