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Improvement at the breakdown can help us beat Otley

Captain Ali Heard believes Hull RUFC can put their recent form behind them and claim victory at Otley.
Heard knows it won’t be easy, but with a few small adjustments to the way they have been playing, can help them win their first game in seven.
One of the adjustments Heard would like to see is improvement in the breakdown which he thinks will give the team a better chance of winning.

“A key thing against Otley for us will be to make sure we focus on our strengths and play to them,” Heard said.
“We also need to work harder in the break down so that we have more possession.
“The overall mood in the camp isn’t bad at all, we understand what we can do so these last couple of weeks things haven’t quite gone our way.
“It’s a great group of lads we have together here and when we get the simple things right, we are a completely different side so we are just excited to get stuck into this week in training and pull out our best performance this weekend.
“The game against Sheffield Tigers was a close one and we know it’s one we could have won.
“We just need to tweak a few things and we can be right up their with the other sides that are doing well.
“When we get a few little things right and we have proved that against sides like Tynedale and Stourbridge we can win.”

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