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Everything you need to know about Luctonians

Luctonians RUFC were formed in 1948 as Old Luctonians, an off-shoot of Lucton School Old Boys.  Their early games were played in a field behind the Angel Inn in Kingsland, Leominster. In 1967 the club moved a little further along the road into their present home at Mortimer Park which is now a well-equipped ground with changing rooms, a fine clubhouse and a 300 seater covered stand. By this time they were known just as Luctonians RUFC.

When league rugby came to the Rugby Union in 1987 Luctonians were placed North Midlands Division One where they remained until 1994 when they were promoted.  Then began a golden period for the club as between November 1992 and October 1996 they won 43 consecutive league games which was at that time a Courage League record which also brought them three consecutive promotions and raised their standing to Midlands Division Two.  They remained at that level until 2001 when they beat Wellingborough 20-13 to gain promotion to Midlands Division One.  Lucs were to stay at this level until 2010 but on three occasions they reached the play-offs, losing to Macclesfield in 2003 and Huddersfield in 2008.  Third time lucky for Lucs came in May 2010 when they won 18-10 at Stockport to gain National League status in National Two North.

The club remained at level four until the end of season 2017-18 when they were relegated along with Sheffield and Blaydon. The following season they finished runners-up to champions Scunthorpe and in the subsequent play-off they were at home to Blaydon and before a record crowd of 1757 they won the game and returned to National Two North.

This season Luctonians have won one and lost six of their league games and are 15th in the table, one place and three points behind ourselves.

Hull RUFC have played Luctonians RUFC on ten occasions, all of which have been in National Two North with both clubs winning five games each. The results are as follows;

2010-11: Lucs 23 – Hull 20; Hull 23 – Lucs 12
2011-12: Hull 15 – Lucs 14; Lucs 18 – Hull 29
2012-13: Hull 23 – Lucs 26; Lucs 48 – Hull 32
2013-14: Lucs 29 – Hull 27; Hull 27 – Lucs 38
2014-15: Lucs 20 – Hull 23; Hull 27 – Lucs 0

As it can be seen, most of these fixtures have been close-run affairs and with Saturday’s game a vital one for both the clubs, considering their respective league positions, we could be in for a very good game. It is good to be playing against Luctonians once again.

Norman Angell

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