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Norman Angell’s look at Huddersfield


This Saturday Hull RUFC make their welcome return to National Two North when we make the first of many trips up the M62 to take on Huddersfield at their splendid Lockwood Park ground, which as anyone who have been there before will know, that is dominated by the very impressive viaduct at the far end of the ground.
Rugby was first played at Huddersfield in 1869 and a Huddersfield club was established in 1870. This club was later a founder member of the Northern RFU which was formed at the George Hotel in the same town in 1895 and was later to become the Rugby Football League in 1922. A new club was formed in 1909 and was named Huddersfield Old Boys and their first home was at the United Cricket Ground in Luck Lane, Huddersfield.
Rugby football at the club was suspended during the First World War and began again in 1919 on a ground at Saladine Nook before leasing land at Waterloo where a stand and changing rooms were constructed. Waterloo was later purchased outright.
In 1946 the club changed its name to their present one. It later sold part of its Waterloo ground to W. Morrison’s for £1.4 million to fund the purchase of the 26 acre former brewery estate at Lockwood Park from the Bass brewing company in 1966. The capacity is 1500, of which 500 is seated in a large stand. A splendid club house is the main feature of this ground.
Huddersfield won the Yorkshire Cup for the first time in 2011 when they beat Hull RUFC 25-18 in a thrilling game at Clifton Park, York. They became champions of National Three North in 2013-14 and 2016-17, during which season they were unbeaten in league games.
Hull RUFC’s involvement with Huddersfield RUFC began in 2005-06 in the old North Division One and since then we have played them on 19 occasions. One of the most memorable games was on 22nd April 2006 when older members will recall Hull winning at Haworth Park by 64-40. It was a quite remarkable game as Hull led by a staggering 45-7 at half-time but the visitors staged an amazing second half comeback to make the score 52-40 before Hull added another 12 points for the final score.
The full list of results are as follows;
2006-07 North Division One Hull 18 – Huddersfield 33, Huddersfield 27 – Hull 17
2007-08 “ “ “ Hull 22 – Huddersfield 25, Huddersfield 27 – Hull 15
2009-10 National Two North Huddersfield 9 – Hull 17, Hull 20 – Huddersfield 20
2010-11 “ “ “ Hull 34 – Huddersfield 0, Huddersfield 23 – Hull 28
“ Yorkshire Cup Final Huddersfield 25 – Hull 18
2011-12 National Two North Huddersfield 9 – Hull 18, Hull 15 – Huddersfield 13
2012-13 “ “ “ Huddersfield 26 – Hull 21, Hull 53 – Huddersfield 10
2014-15 “ “ “ Huddersfield 26 – Hull 11, Hull 15 – Huddersfield 31
2016-17 National Three North Hull 10 – Huddersfield 45, Huddersfield 31 – Hull 7
This makes a total of 19 games between the two clubs of which Huddersfield have won 12, Hull have won 6 and one game was a draw.
Huddersfield have developed into one of the strongest sides in National Two North and Hull could not have had a more difficult first match upon their return to the higher level. It has always been a pleasure to visit Lockwood Park where, win or lose, the hospitality is always first class. It should be a cracking opening start to the new season.

Norman Angell

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