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Which sport did Callum think was the best before he found our game?

Callum Lancaster is the latest player to fill out our pre-season questionnaire. We find out why the former Hull FC winger is returning to the team and what sport he turned his back on to play rugby.
Why have you signed/resigned with Hull RUFC?
We have just been promoted so that excites me and it is a well run club with good ambitions.
How old were you when you started playing rugby?
It was when I was about 11. Before that, I thought football was the way to go.
What was your first rugby memory?
Winning the Yorkshire Cup under-11s.
Who was your role model and why?
Cristiano Ronaldo. Simply because he is the GOAT!
What do you eat before a big match?
I like to have chicken pasta before a big game.
What’s been your career highlight? 
Scoring a hat-trick against Warrington in Super League for Hull FC.
Best and worst banter at Hull RUFC?
Cal Don has the best banter while Johno has the worst – 100 per cent worst!
Best dressed at Hull RUFC?
Mike Diaz has some style.
Three dinner guests at your house?
Cristiano Ronaldo, Liam Neeson and George Micheal.
Favourite cheat meal and drink?
Hotshot pizza and Dr Pepper

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