1st Team, Home

How Hull helped Ben fall in love with rugby again

Why have you signed/resigned with Hull RUFC?
I signed for Hull RUFC because I wanted new challenges to get back to playing high standers of rugby whilst on the verge of retiring.
How old were you when you started playing rugby?
I was 7-years-old when I started playing rugby.
What was your first rugby memory?
My first memory of rugby was turning up to to my first game and getting sent off for shoulder charging a kid and knocking him out. My dad was an ex-rugby league pro and that’s how he thought me to tackle!
Who was your role model and why?
My dad because he was a hard player and always taught me the bigger they are the harder they fall.
What do you eat before a big match?
I always have a big feed on a Friday night with lots of pasta because I struggle to eat a lot on game day. I usually have cereal at 7am then bacon and chef egg a couple. Hours later.  I try not to eat four hours before activity.
What’s been your career highlight?
That has to be playing for Northumberland against Yorkshire when I was up against a Championship loose head prop and twisting him in knots! Oh, and who can forget champions of North Prem with the mighty Hull!
Best and worst banter at Hull RUFC?
The player at the club with the best banter is Jobbers while my front row partner Mike Dias has the worst. 😉
Best dressed at Hull RUFC?
Mike Dias has the best dress sense at Chants Ave while Paul Hamber and those jeans has the worst dress sense.
Three dinner guests at your house?
I would invite Donald Trump, Peter Griffin and Selma Hayek.
Favourite cheat meal and drink?
It has got to be a cheeky Indian and nice glass of Fleurie.

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