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Hamber of the Humber – what the king of skinny jeans eats before matches

Paul Hamber plays for the team that resides near the Humber. There has to be a song in there somewhere. But for now, the forward, whose family travel up from Plymouth to watch him play, is the latest player to fill out the fun questionnaire that lets us know more about the players.
Why have you signed/resigned with Hull RUFC?
After being here for three seasons now and losing the play-off final last season, it only seemed right to be part of the club for another season in National 2 North. Oh, and to see Mike Dias wearing the trademark high tops week in, week out.
How old were you when you started playing rugby?
I was 10-years-old when I first started playing rugby.
What was your first rugby memory?
My first rugby memory is hating training sessions in winter. My mother made me get all my muddy kit off on the front doorstep so I didn’t get the house dirty.
Who was your role model and why?
Lee Brown, aka ‘Browny’ for being the best second row in Yorkshire #bringbackbrowny.
What do you eat before a big match?
Friday night feeds of pesto chicken and Kabanos pasta with Mong.
What’s been your career highlight?
My career highlight has been getting my A league debut for Wasps last year
Who has the best and worst banter at Hull RUFC?
That’s easy. The player with the best banter is myself👀 #vaselinneee. The person with the worst is Steve Johnson.
Who is the best dressed person at Hull RUFC?
Again, myself obviously. I mean skinny jeans and no ass is a great combination #samara
What three dinner guests would you invite to your house?
Will Hall, Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk.
What’s your favourite cheat meal and drink?
A dope burger and KA grape soda.

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