1st Team, Home

Whose dress style does Lee Birch admire at Chants Ave?

Why have you signed/resigned with Hull RUFC?

I haven’t yet. I am still open to offers!!

How old were you when you started playing rugby? 

I was 15 when I started playing rugby.

What was your first rugby memory?

My first thought was ‘Why am I playing this game?’

Who was your role model and why?

Andy Goode. He does no training, he is overweight but he is still decent at rugby.

What do you eat before a big match?


What’s been your career highlight?

I enjoy my mid game chats with my mate Adlard. 

Best and worst banter at Hull RUFC?

Mike Adlard has the best bangs while Cam Curry is the worst.

Best dressed at Hull RUFC?

That’s easy. GP10 Gary Pierce.

Three dinner guests at your house?

Sir Ian McKellen, Viggo Mortensen and JRR Tolkien would be invited.

Favourite cheat meal and drink?

My standard Friday night pre-match prep is a Chinese washed down with a few pints.

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