1st Team, Home

Pre-season plans finalised

As we count down the days until the new season starts, the players are busy being put through their paces by the coaching staff led by Gary Pearce.
It’s the part of the season every player dreads, but the rewards will be visible later in the season.
This season’s pre-season schedule has now been finalised ahead of what everyone hopes will be a promotion-winning season.
A trip across the Severn Bridge where a training camp awaits them as director of rugby Pearce explains.
“Everything we do now is building up to our first friendly at home to Sheffield Hallam on August 11,” Pearce said.
“After that we will be travelling to Cardiff for a training camp where we will take part in a round-tournament with Cardiff Met University and Henley Hawks on August 18.
“Then we finish our friendlies with a trip to Scunthorpe on Friday, August 24.
“I’ve been really pleased with the way pre-season has gone so far.
“Conditioner Cal (Donohoe) has done a great job with the boys who took a bit of a bashing last season.
“Some of the players have been patched up and are all sorted and ready to go.”

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