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Stephen wants more European glory

You may ask yourself what do players do in the off-season.
Some might have gone on holiday, others may have continued working in their full-time jobs.
If you’re Stephen Hihetah, you take yourself off to Croatia and captain a 7s team to glory in a European competition.
Hihetah, who was Romania’s skipper as they beat Lithuania 31-26 and scored six tries during the tournament, was delighted to get to lift the trophy at the end of the competition.
“The two-day tournament was held in Zagreb,” Hihetah said.
“It was really good to win it as well after we played at Bournemouth 7s the week before and won that with team called Speranzza.
“After not playing in last year 7s, it’s good to come back now and achieve these things.
“Plus it is keeping me fit.
“I managed to score six tries in the whole tournament in Zagreb.
“I also captained the boys in the semi and the final which again was great to represent Romania like that.
“We have been in camp again now preparing for the last leg in Lithuania next weekend so be good to get the win there as well for Romania so we can be in Grand Prix the year after.”

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