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Rice pleased to see calmness in difficult circumstances

In previous seasons, Hull might have lost last weekend’s game against Sandal.
Trailing 17-5 at half-time, Tom Rice’s side rallied to win 26-20 to stay in the hunt for promotion.
The skipper praised his side’s determination in seeing the job through to the final whistle.
“I think that the determination of the team to exert that amount of pressure that late on in the game just shows how far we’ve come as a group,” Rice said.
“Not just this season but from previous seasons.
“This team has been building towards these sorts of games for a few seasons so its pleasing to see that we’re becoming calmer and more in control in the latter stages of such a tight game.
“As for this weekend’s game against Lymm the boys are up to the challenge they pose. “We all know the importance of this game for our fight for promotion.
“I can guarantee that we’ll be ready come 2pm Saturday.”

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