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Mike wants to keep Hull’s fate in his own hands

Having your fate in your own hands is a term mentioned a lot in sport when the season starts to get serious.
That’s how Mike Dias sees things now with nine games left to play.
Win them all and Hull will finish second, first if leaders Preston suffer a major loss of form in their final seven fixtures.
Last week’s postponement was a chance for players to recover from knocks meaning they face Sandal tomorrow with a strong squad.
“With us having another game called off everyone is itching to get back on the field,” Dias said.
“With some players coming back from injury the squad has also had a good boost and competition is good so we are in a good place leading up to a very difficult run to the end of the season.
“The nice thing now is that’s it’s all in our hands.
“A win this weekend is all we can think about and the old cliche of concentrating on each game weekly applies as we have seen all the teams have improved as the season has gone on.
“So come down and support us to what should be a good run to the end of the season.”

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