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Rice ready for resumption

Christmas is a time for over indulging in food and drink as we enjoy a break from work.
While the players have had a break from competitive games, it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped training and let themselves go.
They’ve not pigged out on mince pies and sherry and instead stayed disciplined with a trip to league leaders Preston coming up to start the new year.
Captain Tom Rice said he enjoyed spending time with friends and family over the Christmas period knowing it was worth saying no to another sweet from a tin of Quality Street.
“I think that the team as a whole  are very driven towards our end goal,” Rice said.
“So the desire to be good over the Christmas period comes naturally.
“That’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed ourselves with our family and friends.
“We’ve had a little time off to spend time with family and friends.
“Training is back up and running this week to prepare for the first game back at Preston.”

1 thought on “Rice ready for resumption”

  1. So much pressure on the Team – this is the season defining fixture and every one of the 80 minutes is important for so many hopes & dreams for a great Club.

    With much appreciation for great articles, inclusive writing and a wonderful supply of information for the readers – I won’t see a single game but I’m deeply involved!

    All the best for 2018 to the Club, the coaches, the medics, the supporters, the officials and a great set of fine young men.

    Warren Kay


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